Neptah handles all formalities related to the acquisition of artworks and exceptional assets on your behalf, whether it’s for a purchase or leasing. We are involved at every stage of the process. We identify the items that best match your preferences and manage the transaction to completion. We consider all essential elements for a smooth transaction to create the most pleasant experience possible. In this regard, we negotiate on your behalf, finalize the acquisition, and manage all administrative tasks, including selecting appropriate insurance. We ensure seamless continuity and complete follow-up, including transporting the artwork to its destination. Finally, we provide an accurate and clear inventory of your works in preparation for the sale or transfer of your assets. If necessary, we can create tailored structures that allow you to benefit from all the advantages within the legislative framework and ecosystem for your investments in the art market.

Sale and Inheritance.

We are fully committed to supporting you from start to finish in your art market endeavors. Thus, we guarantee our expertise through to the moment of the sale or transfer of your artworks and exceptional assets. It is not necessary for you to have used our services at the time of acquisition to benefit from our assistance. We handle the sale and transfer of your assets with professionalism in each of these areas. In the context of a sale, we identify the best market contacts to finalize the sale of your collection on the most advantageous terms for you. To achieve this, we leverage our expertise in intermediation to find credible buyers. Similarly, our legal experts work with you to plan the transfer of your artistic assets, ensuring the process goes smoothly for you and for those who will benefit from your investments. In this way, we enable you to enjoy the advantages of the art market with complete peace of mind through our comprehensive service.