Artistic Management.

Neptah manages your collection of artworks and exceptional assets on your behalf. Our teams are dedicated to helping you build the most coherent collection possible, considering the artistic value of the pieces and market trends. We manage your collection, acquiring and selling the artworks within it, based on current market opportunities. We carefully evaluate all factors to enhance the intrinsic value of your collection, both artistically and financially. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with each new acquisition or sale, so that art remains a passion while also being a worthwhile investment. We manage pre-existing collections, ensuring their value is maximized based on the artworks they comprise, and create solutions for new collectors wishing to enter the art market. Our work allows you to confidently delegate the enhancement of your artistic heritage to us.

Administrative Management.

Our experts take into account all elements involved in building a collection. We not only ensure the artistic and financial value of an artwork or collection but also guarantee its proper administrative management. In this regard, we declare the necessary information to the relevant authorities on your behalf to comply with legislative frameworks, particularly concerning capital gains. We also ensure that your artistic heritage works to your advantage by offering interesting solutions as part of a strategy around these assets. From lending to institutions and leasing to storage in a freeport, we employ all our skills to ensure your assets truly benefit you. Additionally, we manage relationships with key market players involved in the art collection process, such as insurers, storage facilities, and transporters, to ensure your artworks receive optimal security.